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This kit contains everything you need to transplant or pot your small plants or seedlings. You can also use it to re-pot your larger plants. It has a mat so that you can do it indoors and not have a mess to clean up.  Comes with various planting tools and a bottle for watering small plants.  See below for all items included in this kit.

Included in your kit:

1xBottle: 250ml
1xCleaning brush: 4.7inch
1xTweezers: 4.7inch
1xScissors: 4.1inch
1xDust blower: 5.7inch
2xTransplanting tool: 5.5inch
2xBucket shovel: 6.3inch
3xRake shovel: 6.7inch, 7.8inch, 8.2inch
1xFloor mat: 75*75cm