Outdoor Garden Walk-in Greenhouse

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This outdoor greenhouse adopts a portable pop-up design; a storage bag is convenient for carrying and storage. You can install the tent by one or two people. Durable PE cover, stable steel structure, and other accessories. You can keep the tent for long-term use. In addition, roll-up doors and windows provide the tent with excellent ventilation. Suitable for gardening or storing in the backyard, garden, etc.

  • Portable Pop-up Garden
  • Durable PE Cover
  • Roll-up Door & Window
  • Stable Steel Structure

Pop-up & Portable Design

This walk-in greenhouse features a pop-up frame and a portable storage bag; no tools are required. The top shelf of the tent can be locked or unlocked for your convenient operation. When you need to store your greenhouse, it is effortlessly put away as well.

Superior PE Cover

The cover of the pop-up greenhouse adopts thickened PE material, tear-proof, sun-proof, rain-proof, and bird-proof. In addition, every corner of the tent is covered by two layers of plastic; weather-proof that can last for years.

Large Inner Space

Our portable greenhouse has a size of 8x6 ft, a base area of 47.25 ft². Ample space enables you to conveniently access and plant. In addition, the height of the tent is adjustable for your various requirements.

Ventilation Design

This walk-in greenhouse is designed with two roll-up doors and windows. The zipper door can be fully opened for convenient storage and carriage, while the mesh window can keep airflow and observe the plant.


Our portable walk-in greenhouse is equipped with a stable structure, includes a powder-coated steel frame, wind ropes, secure buckles, tent pegs, spiral stakes, and velcro straps. Weather-proof performance can provide year-round use.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Steel Frame
  • 1 x PE Cover
  • 1 x Toolkit
  • 1 x Plastic Shovel
  • 1 x Wind Rope
  • 8 x Tent Peg
  • 8 x Helical Stake

Available in the US only.  Arrives within 7 days.