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I'm sure you've seen Luffa Sponges in the store.  Now you can grow your own bath or cleaning sponges, naturally. Luffa gourd produces 6-18 in., light green, cylindrical fruits. Harvest them at the small stage when young and eat as a vegetable—or let them mature on the vine, harvest and dry. When the gourd is dried, peal the skins and use the sponge for bathing, washing dishes or other household cleaning. Luffa vines can grow 10-12 ft. long—growing near a fence or trellis is highly recommended. In Northern regions, start gourd seeds indoors and transplant the young plants to the garden after danger of frost has passed. 120 DAYS to maturity.  You can grow in a pot near a big trellis, but planting in the ground is more ideal.  You must harvest Luffas after the first frost in the fall/winter.  More tropical/warmer zones can wait to harvest when dry on the vine.


20 Luffa Seeds per pack.