Handmade Rattan Seagrass Planter Baskets

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These handmade rattan seagrass baskets are a natural tropical look for your plants.   Will accent your home beautifully.  Made of natural rattan material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. All baskets have handles.  
Other uses home storage or laundry basket. 

Can be washed with water or damp cloth.  Air dry.
4 Sizes:
S Size: (Dia.)x(H) 8.66”x7.87”
M Size: (Dia.)x(H)  12.60”x11.02”
L Size: (Dia.)x(H)  14.96”x13.39”
White/Rattan: 13.38 " x 14"
Black/Rattan: 13.38 " x 14"