Glow in The Dark Pebbles

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These glow in the dark pebbles are awesome to decorate your landscaping, flower beds, ponds, in flower pots indoors or outdoors, put in terrariums or fish tanks.

They are made of resin and  photo luminescent pigment. Size is about 0.8"-1.2"/ Pcs 2-3cm.  They come in multiple colors.


  • Expose the pebbles to the sun or light, make sure they absorb enough light, The longer the absorption time, the brighter the pebbles and the longer the glow time. Make sure the pebbles are spread out and not piled up.
  • Please make they are in a dark area or they won't glow.
  • If they don't glow or are not bright, it's possible they need to be charged more by sunlight or light.