Automatic Drip Watering System

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Want to go away on vacation, but can't because your plants need to be watered?  This Automatic Drip Watering System is the perfect solution.  

  • This is a potted plant automatic watering system, which you can use while you are away on vacation. It can regularly replenish water and nutrient solutions for your favorite plants through the drop arrow. The use of droppers to plant for micro-irrigation, the water trickles thru the droppers to replenish water for up to 15 plants.
  • Comes with an automatic controller, which you can pre-set.
  • Can be used outdoors.
  • You can set the watering interval times, the number of times of watering, and the single time of watering. Has power-off memory. Don't worry about data reset or stopping after a power failure. Perfect for plants that need constant care, such as flowers, house plants, succulents, etc.
  • Watering time: The minimum time for water is 5 seconds and the maximum time is 99 seconds.
  • Can also be used for Container Gardening 
  • Set includes 1 digital garden irrigation controller (4 AA batteries not included in the package), 15 droppers, 15 tees, 1 filter, a cable, 10m hose, and 1 instruction manual.