3 in 1 Soil PH Meter Hygrometer Soil Tester

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The tool plant owners and gardeners can't live without!
  • 3 IN 1 soil moisture content, PH and illuminance metering
  • For outdoor & indoor plants, gardens & grass lawn
  • Take the guess work out of your daily garden watering
  • Save water, energy and keep your plants, lawn and flowers in top condition.
  • Measures moisture at root level
  • Prevents over and under watering
  • Scientifically accurate
  • Easy to use, just insert and read
  • No battery required, simple and convenient to operate
  • Simply insert the meter into the soil, switch to the setting you want to measure and read the scale.
How it works:
First insert the probe into the soil as deep as possible. The probe is inserted into the soil at a position greater than 10cm of the probe.
  1. Turn the key on the pen to MOIST, MOIST means moisture key, the corresponding table is MOIST, DRY is dry, WET is wet.
    • Values 1-3 (Red part) indicates that watering is required
    • Values 4-7 (Green part) indicates water is adequate. Adjust watering time according to the plants.
    • Values 8-10 (blue part) indicates that the soil is too wet.
  1. Turn the key on the pen to LIGHT, LIGHT means light intensity, the measuring range is 0~2000, the larger the value, the stronger the light, please decide whether shading is appropriate according to the plant species.
  2. Turn the key on the pen to PH, PH means PH, the corresponding table is 8~3.5 value, ALKALINE is alkali, ACDIC is acid, the value is 7 is basically neutral. The smaller the value, the greater the acidity, Please adjust the pH of the soil based on the variety of plants.
  3. Be careful not to touch rocks when inserting the electrode during use, and do not use excessive force, otherwise the electrode may be easily damaged. Please wash the electrode after use.
  4. Do not insert into water.
  1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
  2. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Suitable area: Outdoor plants, house plants, gardens, lawns, check compost moisture
Probe length: 20cm
Dimension: 29*5*3.8cm